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Linux build seems broken. Game booted first time but i got stuck on the menu. 2nd time it's not even booting.

I would love to give this a try. The art style looks awesome


i need this aesthetics

Runs really well on Linux, awesome game, thanks! Would be nice if you could add support for the DVORAK keyboard layout :D

Played this on my stream a little while back. Honestly curious how you got the level transitions so seamless, really impressed me (but I guess it's maybe the cause behind the potential crashes?).

tried out on windows and on linux. the latter is lagging like hell. the machine has 16 GiB of Ram, i5 2.6GHz core and GTX 960 graphics card. 
GameDev question: How do you do rendering of those dynamic colours? playing around with lighting or is it texture mapping, or something else?

WOAH. dreamsape vibes like this are profound. The wierd sky got me the most, makes one feel like they are in the dreamworld.


This game actually gave me the tingles. For realz.

Many thanks Strangethink. A brilliant concept.


what is this game about

nice, made me feel strange


Heyo! Loved this game so I thought I would do a video on this.


I love you Strangethink! <3 I don't have words to express all the feelings in my hearth to your products <3

I'm from Venezuela :D Greetings!


This. This is it! This is something so close to the game i've been dying to play that I'm at a loss for words. I have wanted this experience for a long time. thank you so much for making this! Keep going!


Strangethink you are one of my favorite game devs and I love all of your games. I really hope that you will continue games, but if you don't mind me asking, I'm curious. Why do you delete your old games? I'm a huge fan of your games and it makes it really hard to enjoy and experience them. And I can't wait to see your next game!

having bad luck on Linux today, SIGABRT trying to run x86/_64 versions


What were you on when you made this? Whos your dealer?

it's pretty fun overall but only if your into abstract games. The game Reminds me of something out of h.p lovecraft. Still can't find the exittto beat the game



Didn't manage to crash it though...


Really dig the 70s wallpaper designs

I crashed it on my first load. I am a winner.

Has anyone crashed it yet? I can't seem to do it


This game means a lot to me, thank you.

Hi, i enjoyed a lot this one ! Infinite fun ! Regards


Love how I'm actually the exhibit for the wall monsters.

What an interesting point of view!

Absolutely stunning, you've even improved the water ripples from Secret Habitat! I absolutely love it, thank you for creating this.


Your game are always fantastic and this is no exception.


this game is scary... first u will think it is funny and maybe take a few pictures of some wacky alien portraits that look like a dog or something. but then it gets really scary and they dont look like living creaures any More but they look vaugely human and then the uncanny valley starts attacking u. u can keep running through all the doors but your forever stuck inside of the uncanny valley surrounded by pictures of scary insects n demons and other creepy freakys.


what else do you do in the game it looks really awesome is there a video