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Hey, I did a YouTube video on this game. I hope you enjoy!

Very cool and unique game :) Seems like there's a lot of crazy stuff here, loved it great job


I really can't say I understood this game at all and the colours and sounds actually made me feel like vomiting so I had to stop. It might be wise to add some kind of warning to this for those who may fit at flashing lights (apologies if you did and I missed it).

Beautiful graphics. I have no idea if I truly understood it, but I loved what I saw :D

  1. you must make more games like this.

Loving your games Strangethink. Keep up the good work!


So much yes!!!

Welcome back! We've missed you! <3


I found a tape labelled KITTEN FACE and the secrets it contained pushed me to another plane of existence.


Creates a wonderful and eerie feeling! Museum-quality art-piece. Thanks for sharing this treat.