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Delightful art/game! 

cooh coding art

Nice game, I felt some kind of feeling when I played this game. I made a youtube video.


Wow, this game - as well as your other games - is so amazing. I cannot find the right terms to desribe its amazingness. Want more!

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Fantastic game, I did a YouTube video on this to show it off!

This is a great game, but how do you delete paintings and other save data?

this is the best

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this game is amazing and I love it

Best paint gun alien curation simulator out there!

Huge fan of yoru games, but this one is probably my favorite!!! Keep up the amazing work, and I hope to see more of your games in the future!

I loved it!

I like the human like models that are different in their own way probably the best about this game is how you make artwork with the guns.

I love it, tell me more about the aliens...they learn???

I REALLY need something to "delete" space on a picture. :)

Super fun and unique! The art I created here is 100X better than what I could do in real life. I would also like to see this game expanded and sold on steam for like 5$.

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What a fantastic experience! Definitely better at making art in joy exhibition than in real life, thank you.

This is one of the best games I've ever played. I'd love to see this updated, if you're still interested in developing this game further, or adding features for more ease of access.

(1 edit) love the game but when I saved my artwork and came back to it later everything turned black

Is there any plan to expand upon this project? this would be a fabulous experience for multiplayer, perhaps even an mmo-lite experience where some of the aliens are are actually human spectators jumping from gallery to gallery. but that may be too ambitious at this stage.

also, it would be nice if you added a window on the opposite side of the wall behind each painting where you can transfer your best work out of the main gallery room into the outer room for storage and free up an additional workspace without destroying a particularly good piece. it seems like this might be something that is/was being considered since the outer room is somewhat barren and pointless right now.

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I'm not even joking about this- Please add a few more games (make the total 5-6) and post your games on steam greenlight in a collection for 1-5$ (maybe have it so we get betas of later projects?) Your games are one of a kind, and I need more of them, they're just so good.

I played with your project 20 minutes. I cannot define it like a game - but instead like a artistic experience. Overall I like it. But technically this is really weird. I asked myself how you did that. The dimensional door is really smooth and some shaders are impressive. I cannot figure out how you did that. For me, it is a little bit disturbing. Thank you for this experience in a great aesthetic. I would like to see more - maybe a full game with a real gameplay. Great ++

They only way to define this "as is" as a game is to define art as a game, where the win condition is a completed piece, and the fail state is any happy mistake that happens thanks to how the paint guns work. I doubt many people would reach that far just to define it as a game though, I might if there was any other interaction besides just painting.

Overall, this is a good experience - you can define it as you want. Thank you for the answer. I wish you the best. Bye ++


This game wasn't really as good for drawing p*nises as I had hoped it'd be. Oh well.

Now let me show you my amazing video on this.

pls subscrib

Really awesome :D!! I love how the paint guns are all so different and unique! 20/15

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Did a playthrough of this for my YouTube channel. I thought it was very creative and even though I am normally bad at this sort of stuff, had a lot of fun :)

I want to play this, but I really can't because I can't find a way to invert the y-axis.


Go to settings and next to the mouse sensitivity click on where it says normal to toggle it to inverted.

Glad I said something; that definitely worked. A bit of feedback, then, if I may: I saw that "normal" but thought it would reset mouse sensitivity or something.

Looks good, but i only saw a pink screen and listened an atmosferic music.


I've had great fun and totally impressed by this.

What key is used to "paint"? On a mac.



3 out of 5 - A great deal of fun for what it is.

  • By the name and the pictures it looks like a alien shooter game but it is not, but it is a good art game.

By the name? Maybe its changed since you wrote that but the current name could not be taken as a shooter game however you take it, also the description tells you what it is.

This is honestly better than I ever could have hoped for. Well done.

I'm reviewing this on my tumblr, and hopefully more people will get to experience the soothing joy that I was able to.


this is my new pixel art program


Fantastic ! Really !


i wrote out the word poo on a brown backround and drew the word "LOL" and drew the famous epic meme "awesome face". pretty good art program


Fantastic. Works well enough on my macbook air to be quite enjoyable. The single best element is the landscape racing by outside the windows. Some may find the illusion of actual movement a little too convincing.